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Josiah Meaning - Birth Records

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The name Josias comes from the Germanic "yoha'az" meaning "God supports me".


Josias Rywalski is an international racing driver of Swiss origin.
Josias Simmler, also called Simlerus, was a Swiss theologian.
Josias Habrecht was a famous Swiss watchmaker in the 15th century.
Josias Rantzan was a famous Dutch warrior and statesman of the 16th century.
Sir Josias Child was a wealthy English trader and economist.
King of Judah in the 7th century BC, Josiah reigned 31 years in Jerusalem. His whole life was marked by obedience and respect for the will of God. King Josiah is one of the Bible men announced by God before birth.

His character :

Josiah is a rather complex character. It presents both a calm and reserved side and a more tormented. This reserve actually hides a stormy temperament. In appearance, Josias seems to be independent while he struggles to cope with loneliness. It is also suggestible and remains subjective in all circumstances. A somewhat introverted man, he has a tendency to fall back on himself. Sociable and charitable, Josias enjoys human contact and helping others. Quite dynamic and responsive, it is not made to lead. He will offer his help, certainly, but will not invest himself personally. On the contrary, Josias is an idealist who always needs recognition. The more he feels recognized by his value, the more he will give the best of himself.


Josh, Joshua, Jossua, Josiah, Joshua, Josiah, and Jossah.

His party :

There is no party dedicated to people named Josias.

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