Name Jordane - Meaning and origin

Name Jordane - Meaning and origin

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Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

Derived from Yordan, Jordane, often spelled Jordan, literally means "coming back to life" or "devouring".

Yordan can also be associated with the Jordan River, which is symbolic in Christianity. Indeed, it is in the waters of this river that Jesus was baptized by John the Baptist
In the 12th century, this name was brought back to Europe by the Crusaders. From then on, Jordane knew a plurality of transcriptions, variants and forms.
It was not until 1980 that this name became popular in France, quickly integrating the list of first names most used. With 6327 little boys so named in 1993, it was the record year of this name.


Among the celebrities bearing this name are Jordan Rudess (American keyboardist), Jordan Jovtchev (Bulgarian gymnast), Jordan Ayew (Ghanaian footballer), Jordan Kerr (Australian tennis player), Jordan Staal (Canadian ice hockey player) ) and Jordan Ferri (footballer of French origin who occupies the position of midfielder in the club "Olympique Lyonnais").

Saint Jordan (or Jourdan) was one of St Dominic's disciples before being chosen to lead the "Friars Preachers" (Dominicans). He died drowned in 1227 in the mouth of the Jordan River, near the Palestinian coast.

His character :

Determined, relentless and tenacious, Jordane wants to succeed in his life. Imponderables have no place in his perfectly planned life. Energetic, dynamic and lively, he has the gift of being able to illustrate himself in a variety of fields. With more than one trick in his bag, Jordan is imaginative and creative. He seduced by his magnetic and charismatic personality.


Giordana, Giordano, Jordana, Jordane, Jordania, Jordi, Jordan, Jordan, Jourdan, Yordan ...

His party :

February 13th.

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