Is there a critical age to watch?

Is there a critical age to watch?

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Every day, find one of the infos extracted from the 6th issue of the collection "Essentials of: 72 tips to deal with allergies", sold with the February issue of. Today, zoom on food allergies.

  • 90% of food allergies occur before 7 years, that is to say, the period when the child is gradually put in contact with new foods. It is therefore possible to see immediately what he reacts to. This does not mean that the field will not evolve and that your child will not become aware of other things later, but this starting chart gives a good indication.
  • A bad new : in rare cases, the situation may become complicated after 3 years, with the development of cross allergies. This is explained by a DNA proximity of two elements. The apple would be close to birch and the child would be sensitive to both. Good news: many food allergies are slowly disappearing - unless they are crossed - when the care and treatments are well adapted.

The eye on the labels, a good reflex

  • What are children most sensitive to? Here again, we observe great constants: 90% of food allergies concern eggs, peanuts, wheat and milk. And this is bad, because we find precisely these ingredients in most products of the food industry. We must open our eyes to track down allergens on the labels!

Sophie Viguier-Vinson

Allergies: other tips.

Find more information in "Essentials of: 72 tips to deal with allergies", sold with the February 2011 issue of.

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