Name Jocelin - Meaning and origin

Name Jocelin - Meaning and origin

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Origin of first name:

Ancient, French, Germanic, Hebrew, Old French

Meaning of the name:

Variant of Joseph, Jocelin comes from Hebrew Yosep, translating as "Yahweh will add".

Considering his Germanic ancestry, Jocelin is made up of the terms Gaux and lind, meaning respectively "prince" and "sweet". It's a mixed first name.


The American model and actress Jocelin Donahue, the French tennis player Josselin Ouanna, the Toulouse street poet Josselin Gruvel, the French politician Josselin de Rohan ...

A carpenter by profession, Joseph is the husband of Mary and the foster father of Jesus. The Bible describes him as a pious and just man, witnessing exemplary faith. He is considered the patron saint of manual workers.

His character :

Receptive and impulsive, Jocelin has quick and spontaneous reactions. He has fixed ideas and can hardly be influenced. Trying to change it would be a waste of time, because Jocelin has full confidence in him. When Jocelin engages in an activity, he shows enthusiasm and rigor. He has a developed sense of organization and is always methodical and applied. He is both ambitious and optimistic.


Josselin, Josse, Josselino, Josselyn, Joscelin, Joscelyn ...

His party :

People named Jocelin are honored on December 13th.

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