Your 10 favorite baby recipes

Your 10 favorite baby recipes

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On Child. com, we offer you many baby recipes to discover from the moment of diversification ... simple and balanced ideas that you love to prepare for baby with all your love. What were your favorite recipes in 2018? Our best of!

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Your 10 favorite baby recipes (10 pics)

Carrot-zucchini mousse

This recipe for babies from 6 months is prepared with a small pot of carrot, zucchini and a little milk in a row or age. As a result, a creamy foam that particularly appeals to toddlers. See the recipe.

Courgette gratin

Zucchini is one of the first vegetables discovered by your baby. Why not try this gratin recipe to test from 8 months. See the recipe.

Rice with early vegetables

Mixed with a little rice, the vegetables are a bliss for your baby gourmet. Make him discover this recipe from 9 months. See the recipe.

Apple-tangerine compote

A recipe ultra simple to achieve with a little acidic note that will seduce your baby at the time of dessert! A compote to offer him from 5 months. See the recipe.

Carrot puree with cumin

from 4 months, a quick and original recipe to prepare for your young gourmet. See the recipe.

Clafoutis tomatoes cherry-ham

Diced ham, cherry tomatoes, a little parmesan ... and here's a salty clafoutis for your young gourmet! To be enjoyed from 9 months.

Choco banana mousse

This sweet little mousse with chocolate and banana is a dessert full of energy to discover by your little gourmand from 8 months.

Green mashed rice-mâche

A small puree to be enjoyed as early as 9 months as a garnish of meat or fish or, in the evening, as a single dish. See the recipe.

Cream of peas

Peas, a little Kiri ... and here is a velvety sweetness for young palate to discover from 6 months. See the recipe.

Scrambled eggs with tomato

A vitamin recipe with beautiful colors for your little gourmet from 1 year. And succulent with that ... See the recipe.