Solo holidays: 4 golden rules for a successful getaway

Solo holidays: 4 golden rules for a successful getaway

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It is decided, you will take a few days of vacation in solo, without man nor child. And never mind if it's not very maternally correct. Congratulations, you have our blessing! Here are our tips to take full advantage of this parenthesis.

1. Choose the right duration

  • If you feel that a week, it's too much for your spouse, turn down your requirements. In four days you will have time to disconnect. And above all, you will have laid a first milestone and endorsed a principle.

2. Do not hang on the phone

  • No need to give you all the trouble to organize your solo break if it's to call your family ten times a day! Arrange a daily phone appointment in advance, at a specific time, and for the rest of the time, forget about your mobile phone. Without this little personal discipline, you will not enjoy the benefits of this cut, your children and your man either.

3. Do what you really like

  • Do not put pressure to fill this vacant time at any cost. If this is your desire, do not do anything. Or take advantage of it to indulge in activities you are usually frustrated with. Having no concession to make on the choice of the program and no longer have to undergo the rhythm of the other, this is the interest of the holidays alone!

4. Do not panic if you have moments of cockroach

  • Stay in tete-a-tete with yourself from morning to night, without the cries of children and without the demands of her husband, it may seem a bit long ... It is possible that these holidays in solo flirt sometimes with a little sadness. "But what did I come to do in this galley?" That, you have the right to say it to yourself, but not to confess it to the others! Yes, your getaway was absolutely great, tell them. By the way, it's true: thanks to that, you realized how much you owe to them!

Isabelle Gravillon

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