A vegetable garden at home

A vegetable garden at home

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No, fruits and vegetables do not grow at the local supermarket, but in the wild. The easiest thing is to show them with a small vegetable garden that they can easily create, even if mom has to help Mother Nature a little bit to make it grow ...

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Cécile Dard

A vegetable garden at home (8 photos)

You need :

- Universal potting soil
- Radish seeds or other small vegetables that kids love
- Small shots of aromatic herbs or cherry tomatoes
- Clay balls
- 3 plastic bottles (a small, a large rather square, a large rather round)
- 2 straws bent
- Patafix or chewing gum
- scissors or cutter
- 1 watering can
- 1 gardening shovel

The vertical vegetable garden in bottle

Take a large round plastic bottle and cut it up from the point of narrowing. Drill a few holes in the bottom of the bottle.


Then put the hat on the bottom of the bottle.


Then fill the earth bottle almost to the top.
Then arrange some cherry tomato seeds or herbs.


You can cover with clay balls not too tight that you can remove in a few days to make room for small shoots.
For the less patient, you can also plant plans of herbs or tomatoes that will yield more quickly.
To finish, water and wait for it to grow ...

The horizontal vegetable garden in bottle

Cut the square bottle into 2 parts lengthwise and lay the 2 pieces face to face.
Make two small holes halfway up the small bottle facing each other and push a bent straw into each opening. Seal the openings where the straw passes with a little Patafix or chewed chewing gum.


Fill the half-bottles with potting soil and insert the radish seeds all along before compacting the soil and watering a little.


Fill the small water bottle and flip it between the two bottled minijardinières so that the straws flow directly over them.
Council + :
Do this last operation on the balcony if you can, or on a tray, so as not to flood the house if the straws are not tight enough.