One room, two children, 10 ideas!

One room, two children, 10 ideas!

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Big and small, boy and girl, juniors both ... here are 10 ideas fished on Pinterest to help you build a room for two kids!

One room, two children, 10 ideas! (10 photos)

Double room for children, chalet style

A very amusing decoration, which makes forget a small space: build small cottages as a headboard! In addition to a magical side (magic!) A decoration in DIY mode: the inside of the roof was encrusted with 120 small lamps. A timer allows the lights not to stay on for too long. We let ourselves be tempted by this decoration and we realize these little wonders? Pinterest

A room for two, a beautiful play area

The puzzle, when setting up a room for two, is also to keep a sufficient space for the kids! So here is a very nice idea: we align the beds on a wall only, with a platform system. Malin: under the platform in question, a nice possibility of storage for all the little toys type plastic subjects, Lego and other Playmobil ... A carpet figure when it's the space of play. A very well thought out layout! Pinterest

One bedroom, two girls!

How to customize a small corner for each in a small room? Playing on the headboard. Here is something to inspire easily. Pinterest

Room or campsite in the year?

With this solution for two beds, the children have the impression of campign all year! You can also follow all the tutorial, this bed is a jewel of DIY. Pinterest

A room for girl AND boy

Your little guy wants blue, your pink princess ... Or maybe the other way around? What if we did both at the same time? Here is a well-conducted example. The advantage is that the two spaces are well defined, each has its own space. And it's possible even in a small room. The idea in addition: the curtain that separates the two sides of the room and can be either pulled or opened as needed. Pinterest

A house in their room!

A room that would make a lot of children drool! If you have the soul of tinkering parents, maybe you can make a pretty dream come true? Pinterest

Children's room: hijacking closet!

Separate a room in two yes, but then without getting a result tristounet or narrow. Why not put a partition? We choose not too big, not to get a too "massive" effect. Here, the trick was to integrate the partition a blackboard space: the result? A decor that gains lightness and a childish side thanks to the table. Pinterest

A poetic room

Without painting the walls in pink, this soft decoration is perfect for two princesses. DIY side, a reading space materialized by a maisonette. Nice, no? Pinterest

Two-color inspiration!

In this two-tone decoration, the lines game creates a harmonious whole. The offices are in succession, and the headboard is materialized by a formwork which takes the place of wardrobe. Convenient ! Pinterest

An office for two

One idea at a time for a room for two, and to furnish smart with recycle! This crib was turned into a desk and a blackboard was integrated. A special painting "blackboard" can be used, simply fixing a board on the bed support. Pinterest