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Treat a wart

Treat a wart

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A wart ? But where did your child catch that? Rather than deprive him of pool, go to the dermato who will explain to you how to treat this benign cutaneous lesion.

Where does the wart come from?

  • The wart is caused by the proliferation of a virus, of the family of human papillomaviruses, in the cells of the epidermis. Some children will be particularly affected by these skin lesions while others will get rid of them at the first treatment. Sometimes healing is spontaneous without any care!
  • Transmission of the virus can be caused by small trauma to the hands or feet, or by frequenting pools.
  • "Special" terrain can also promote the appearance of warts : a child a little stressed, willingly anxious is more likely to be affected than his friend more zen.

How to recognize it?

  • The wart is usually hard, horny, the same color as the skin. That of the hands (called vulgar wart) appears as a protruding outgrowth, of small size, whose surface is irregular. That of the feet (the plantar wart) forms a white or brown bump, often painful.
  • It is different from the mole which is more brown, and generally installed since infancy.
  • It is also different, from molluscum contagiosum, small pinkish skin elevations of less than 5 mm, sometimes numerous, localized on the body.

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