Name Janek - Meaning of thumbs

Name Janek - Meaning of thumbs

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Origin of first name:

Hebrews, Slavs

Meaning of the name:

Meaning "God is benevolent", Janek has the same Hebrew origins as Johanne ", ancestral form of John or John, inspired by the ancient form of this name composed by" Yeho "and" hanan "for" Yehohanan ", Janek also means "God forgive." It's a Polish, Hungarian, Estonian and Czech given name


Janek Gwizdala (1978), London artistic director.

Janek Rieke (1971), German actor.

Janek Schaefer (1970), music artist from the United Kingdom.

His character :

The Janek are excellent communicators with great persuasiveness. Versatile and flexible, they adapt very well to the situations and the different personalities they meet. Sometimes a little manipulative, the Janek know how to use their charm and their natural magnetism to achieve their ends.


Janina, Jana, Janička, Gjon, Yahya, Hovhannes, Hovik, Jon, Yan, John, Ioannes, Yehochanan, Yochanan, Iohannes, Yann, Yanick, Yannic, Yannick, Ioan, Ivan, Yoan, Ivo, Yanko, Joan, Jan, Jowan, Ghjuvan, Ivan, Ivica, Ivo, Janko, Jan, Jens, Johan, Jon, Hans, Jannick, Jannik, Johan, Johannes, and Hanne.

His party :

May 30th.

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