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Getting vaccinated is about protecting others

Getting vaccinated is about protecting others

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Every year, on the occasion of the European Weeks of Immunization, the Institute for Public Health Surveillance (InVS) recalls the benefits of vaccination to protect itself, but above all to protect its entourage and the youngest ones.

To be vaccinated is to protect oneself, but also to protect the smallest and most fragile of those around him. This is one of the messages delivered by the European Weeks of Immunization. A high vaccination rate makes it possible to reduce the risk of epidemics.

A reflex of protection for oneself ... and the others

  • It is difficult to understand the usefulness of vaccinating your baby against diseases such as diphtheria or poliomyelitis, although we have not met them for a long time in our country. Most doctors in France have certainly never had to diagnose a single case!
  • Vaccines have a double effect. A first, individual: they protect your toddler personally if he is led to travel to countries where these diseases are still raging or to meet people with these conditions. A second effect, this time collective: vaccines allow, eventually and if a sufficient number of people is vaccinated in the world, to completely eradicate certain diseases. If a maximum of individuals is protected, the germ no longer circulates and eventually dies out.
  • At present, the only disease totally eradicated worldwide is smallpox (since 1977). WHO hopes to achieve the same result soon with polio, and in the longer term with measles and hepatitis B. But for that, it is important to continue vaccinating children and adults in all countries! In case of low immunization coverage, these diseases can recover, including at home. The decision to refuse vaccination is legitimate at the individual level. But is it on the collective level? It's less sure. By weakening immunization coverage, others are exposed, since microbes and viruses are allowed to multiply and be transmitted.
  • For example, between 2008 and 2015, measles experienced an outbreak that resulted in 10 deaths and 34 neurological complications. However, a vaccine exists ... This is also the case for meningococcal C deaths, even though immunization coverage seems to be improving.

An information site on vaccination

  • Throughout this week, many vaccinators (vaccination centers, PMI centers, pharmacists, doctors, health institutions, health insurance organizations, etc.) will mobilize and organize, for the public and professionals health, conferences, debates, or free vaccination sessions ...
  • A reference site www.vaccination-info-services was also created during this week of vaccination. You will find all the useful information, the vaccination calendar and the answers to the questions that you ask yourself. Why is it important to get vaccinated? How do vaccines work? At what age do they do it and what are the risks? Where to get vaccinated? How to store vaccines?