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To be afraid, they love!

To be afraid, they love!

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Play the Big Bad Wolf, listen to stories that give goose bumps, kids love! A little confusing, no?

At Guignol, it's always the same scenario, the little spectators scream, some even start crying. All yet ask for more! Between 3 and 4 years old, little ones like to have frights. It is a way for them to tame all these multiple fears and phobias that they experience elsewhere at this age ... and so to grow.

Being scared ... it's good for you

  • "He is afraid of nothing!", Sometimes exclaim proudly some parents. Fear is one of the emotions that no one likes to find in their children.
  • A child needs to know the fearto feel it to build itself ... Not only is this feeling useful, but it is also indispensable: without fear, a child would put his hand in the fire, climb the balcony or rush to the first dog!

To be afraid ... not to be afraid anymore

  • But this fear needs to be tamed and the game gives your child the opportunity to do it. He is an integral part of his life. For his pleasure of course, but also because your toddler expresses through the game all kinds of emotions, among which anxiety and fear have privileged places.
  • Between 3 and 4 years, he has trouble putting words on what he feels : by externalizing his fears through play, he learns to put them at a distance.
  • By seeking to confront scary scenarios or distressing, he discovers that he can face his fears, control them, in short that he is not at all overwhelmed by events ...

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