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First Name - Meaning and direction

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Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

Etymologically, "Helga" means "pious", "sacred" or "holy".


German actress Helga Sven, whose real name is Helga Gubbler.
Helga Wolfenstein King (1922-2003), painter and poet of Czech origin.
German fencing champions Helga Mees and Helga Stroh.
German Olympic swimmer Helga Lindner.

His character :

Sociable and lively, Helga represents the very image of the great seductress. True incarnation of feminine charm, she turns out to be pretty and somewhat narcissistic. His capricious temperament causes regular mood swings, even surprising his loved ones. On the other hand, his emotivity generally outweighs his reason. She can make decisions under the influence of the emotion or inspiration of the moment. As a result, this impulsive woman is more than unpredictable. His spontaneous and unthinking side is especially noticeable in his sartorial choices as well as his sudden changes in lifestyle. One day, she introduces herself as a woman who is passionate about technology and the modern way of life. The next day, she can simply decide to advocate a return to the land and a rural life. In the end, nobody really knows his tastes, his aspirations and the depth of his thought. If her relatives do not encourage her to calm down, she can lead a particularly unstable life on all fronts.
During her childhood, Helga is already impulsive, versatile and hyperactive. It is thus particularly difficult for those around him to satisfy his temporary desires and follow his reasoning. The parents of this dynamic little girl must find exciting activities to channel her too full of energy. However, it is necessary to help him not to scatter first. It will require a lot of imagination, patience and perseverance to encourage him to focus long enough.


Elga, Helgah, Helsa, Hella and Helia.

His party :

The Helga have no known holiday in the calendar.

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