Finding the line after baby: the good reflexes

After pregnancy, nothing more normal than wanting to find his line ... and his favorite jeans! But between misconceptions about certain foods and our convictions not always founded, it is sometimes difficult to compose his menus. Vanessa Gouyot, dietician *, helps us to see more clearly.

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To lose my extra pounds, I skip breakfast

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Not only does breakfast give the body the energy to start the morning after the fast of the night, but regularity is the key word for a balanced diet. By depriving your body of a meal to "earn" calories, the opposite happens: your body will be tempted to stock twice more at the next meal, in anticipation. In the morning, prefer 1 cereal product (¼ of baguette, for example), 10 grams of butter, 1 teaspoonful of jam, 1 fruit or juice and 1 dairy product (1 yogurt or milk).