Postponement of the trial of the deadly fire on Boulevard Vincent-Auriol

Postponement of the trial of the deadly fire on Boulevard Vincent-Auriol

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Sine die ... Today, the Criminal Court of Paris has just returned, without setting a new date, the trial of the building of 20, bd Vincent-Auriol in Paris 13th. On the night of August 25 to 26, 2005, 17 people including 14 children had died in a deadly fire. A heavy balance sheet aggravated by the excessive concentration of population, obsolescence and non-compliance of the building. (News of the 10/03/11)

A trial that promised to be delicate

  • Expertise found arson without being able to identify the arsonist.
  • The investigation revealed aggravating factors, particularly related to the non-compliance of a plywood wallcovering and the absence of fire extinguishers.
  • Freha, the association that managed the building, and a building company are being prosecuted for homicides and unintentional injuries.

A postponement at the request of lawyers

  • On Wednesday, at the opening of the trial, the plaintiffs' lawyers had lamented that it had been scheduled for only two half days. The meeting had been adjourned until the following day.
  • A courtroom too small, very bad acoustics... civil parties and families of the victims had denounced the "carelessness" and the lack of consideration with which justice treated this tragedy that had made 17 victims.
  • Thursday, the hearing conditions have not improved, the lawyers all asked for a referral, which the court eventually granted.
  • A fixation hearing should be held on May 5 to decide new dates for the trial.

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