Name Issam - Meaning of the Name

Name Issam - Meaning of the Name

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Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

In the Arabic language, the masculine first name Issam refers to "engagement" or "the belt that maintains strength".


Essential reference in the world of Moroccan music, Issam Kamal is both singer and songwriter.
Issam Chawali is an internationally renowned sports commentator.
Tunisian professional footballer Issam Jemâa plays as an attacker in the Al-Sailiya team.
Tunisian handball player Issam Tej is the pivot of the Montpellier AHB team since 2006.

His character :

With a puzzling and reserved personality, Issam likes to be surrounded by mystery. Calm and discreet, it is nonetheless a sociable and smiling. Advocating calm and tranquility, Issam loves to stay at home listening to a light air of blues or classical music.
Tender, generous and loving, Issam never skimp on the means to help others. Having a strong sense of altruism, he often volunteers for humanitarian work. This trait of character arouses the admiration and respect of those around him.
Issam demonstrates a great physical strength that pushes him to pursue a career in the world of sport. Dynamic, disciplined and rigorous, Issam has the makings of a professional sportsman who will carry the name of his team.
This strong and kind man still has his Achilles talent, women. It rarely resists the charms of damsels with long hair. Manly and virile beauty, Issam multiplies conquests and passionate relationships, but ephemeral. One day, he will get tired of his life of Don Juan, get married and invest deeply in his family life.



His party :

Issam is honored on the first day of November.

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