Name Iseult - Meaning of the origin

Name Iseult - Meaning of the origin

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Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

The feminine name Iseult originates from the Welsh name essylt meaning "noble snake".


The legend of Tristan and Isolde has marked the history of world literature. Several authors have written different versions of this story from the oral tradition.
French singer of electro-pop, Yseult is distinguished by his strong emotion borrowed tubes.

His character :

Iseult stands out for its great romanticism, femininity and softness. Its charm goes hand in hand with its refinement and elegance. His angelic smile dazzles his entourage and his apparent calm inspires confidence. However, it is enough for this tender and loving woman to turn into an unpleasant being, with hurtful words. Iseult is a great seducer who uses her charm to get what she wants. This great capricious aspires to a life of queen. Money, comfort and wealth are his happiness. For her, the perfect man would be rich, intelligent and manly. Sensual and passionate, she needs to blossom in a romantic relationship. Isolde holds to his freedom, but is very jealous and possessive towards his beloved.

On the professional level, Iseult will only invest in a career promised a lucrative profit. You will never have to rely on her to volunteer! She will be interested in professions related to economics, finance, banking, sales, communication, etc. Thanks to his lucky star or his intelligence, Iseult will only fail very rarely.


This name has no derivative.

His party :

Iseult is celebrated on February 22nd.

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