Name Isaure - Meaning of the origin

Name Isaure - Meaning of the origin

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Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

From the Greek Isauria, "Isauria", a region of Asia Minor. This region of Asia Minor was reputed to be populated by pirates. The name Isaure was very common in the Middle Ages and assigned to both girls and boys.


The French novelist Isaure de Saint-Pierre, Clémence Isaure, Toulouse lady of the fourteenth century, founded the Floral Games.

Saint Isaure was a deacon from Athens who hid in a cave with her companions to avoid persecution and was denounced and martyred in Macedonia.

His character :

Isaure stands out above all for her great empathy and her intuitive faculties. Always listening to others, sometimes at the risk of forgetting herself, she is a person full of sweetness and charm. Its softness, however, does not prevent it from showing a great desire and also ambition.


Isaura, Isauro, Ysarie, Isauri, Isore.

His party :

His birthday: June 17th.

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