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What doll to give to my daughter?

What doll to give to my daughter?

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Your little girl wants you a doll? She loves to cuddle her baby and would like another? What doll to give her according to her age and why does she like playing doll? The answers of Stéphane Clerget, child psychiatrist.

From what age can you give a doll to a child?

  • Stéphane Clerget: The baby doll or the baby doll, with its small bottle, small accessories, are among the classic toys for a child from 12-14 months. The little ones love to play dolls or dolls from the moment they start to be in a little symbolic games, when they are able to play with a character as if this character was him, his father, his mother, his little sister or her crèche or school friend. Children have always played with representatives of humans! We can therefore offer a baby very early to a child. Without forcing him to play if it does not interest him!

What's the point of playing the doll when you're a kid?

  • Stéphane Clerget: To play is to repeat, to reproduce, to experiment, to modify what we have lived but also to anticipate it in order to understand it intellectually and integrate it emotionally. When he plays, the child can repeat things that have been said to him, then imagine other scenarios. This accompanies his reflection, it allows him to integrate moments that have sometimes been difficult to understand or live emotionally.

Do not some little kids like to play the doll?

  • Stéphane Clerget: In general when you care for a baby, he likes to take care of a baby doll. Sometimes a child may be less early in symbolic games, or he will play directly with Barbie. Others do not play with infants but with stuffed animals, in fact it's the same thing, they play with characters! There are also children who are very motivated, who like to be agitated and do not take the time to sit down and play with scenarios. They are interested in other games, car games, balloons ... All children are not in conversation, or "care", as adults, by the way!

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