Baby broccoli puree with Thermomix

Here is a beautiful green mash that your little one should love! A recipe Thermomix quick and easy to offer him from 8 months.


  • 600 g broccoli
  • 300 g of mineral water


Wash broccoli with clear water and cut into bouquets.

Steam the Thermomix for 15 minutes at 100 ° C, speed 1.

Remove the cooking water and then mix it all for 40 seconds with Thermomix speed 4 until the desired consistency is obtained (for a more liquid purée, add water when mixing the broccoli.)

Council +: the puree supports very well the freezing (up to 30 days). Freeze this puree in sterilized ice cube trays or silicone cupcakes. All you need to do is take out the cubes in a small amount the day before and place them in the refrigerator to prepare your baby's meal the next day.