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Punish her dolls: is it normal?

Punish her dolls: is it normal?

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Every child who plays the doll ends one day or another by punishing it. Many parents worry about this by suspecting the emergence of sadistic behavior, but that is not the case ...

A way to imitate adults

  • Punishing her doll is exactly like cherishing, styling, or feeding her baby: it is like reproducing an adult's behavior. When a child punishes his doll, he imitates his parents in a behavior he knows, since they sometimes adopt it with him. Imitation is a process of individualization through which all children pass.

A solution to express his anxieties

  • After having been a baby who could only relieve himself of his tensions by crying and screaming, the child discovers that he can do so by using a transposition object, his doll, on which he lets go. He thus manages to express while freeing himself from his own anguishes and frustrations, by punishing the doll for reasons for which he himself was punished beforehand.

A way to learn the forbidden

  • When a little girl or boy starts to punish his doll, it is usually at the age when he begins to understand that he can not do everything because adults forbid him things and punish him if he defies these forbidden. Punishing his doll in turn serves him to integrate this system of limits and punishments, practically applying it to his doll ... that is to say to himself.

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