Name Vincent - Meaning and origin

Origin of first name:

French, Latin

Meaning of the name:

Vincent comes from the Latin vincens, past participle of the verb vincere, "vanquish".

This name also refers to the "victory of Christ".


French cyclist Vincent Barteau, illustrious Dutch painter and draftsman Vincent Van Gogh (1853-1890), French actor and director Vincent Cassel, French singer and actor Vincent Lagaf, French actor Vincent Lindon, French international footballer Vincent Candela, Swiss actor Vincent Perez, French poet and prose writer Vincent Voiture, Congolese-Belgian international footballer Vincent Kompany, French singer-songwriter Vincent Delerm, French businessman Vincent Bolloré, actor Vincent Elbaz, French comedian and humorist Vincent Dedienne, French international rugby player Vincent Moscato and French actor Vincent Lacoste.

Originally from Zaragoza, Saint Vincent is a deacon and Spanish martyr of the fourth century. He was arrested and tortured during a wave of persecution. Saint Vincent is one of the patron saints of the vine growers.

His character :

Courageous and determined, Vincent is a real fighter. He does not shy away from obstacles when he has a goal in mind. Passionate about adventures, he is always looking for new actions and novelties. Attached to his freedom and independence, he enjoys discovering new sensations. Vincent attaches real importance to the family. He appreciates the contact of his loved ones and likes to take care of them. Playful in nature, he is always in good company and knows how to please others. He is always available for those who are dear to him.


Vicente, Vicenza, Vicenzo, Vince, Vincentio, Vincenzo, Vinzenz, Vincennes, Vincentians, Vincentians and Vincians.

His party :

The Vincent are celebrated on January 22nd or September 27th.

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