Évariste Name - Meaning and Origin

Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

The name Évariste comes from the Latin "evagor" which translates as "to spread" or "to spread". Transcribed from the Greek "euarestos", it also means "the one who pleases" or "pleasant".


Évariste Gallois is a legendary French mathematician.
Évariste de Parny is an academic poet of French origin.
Évariste Gherardi is an actor and playwright of Italian origin.

His character :

Evariste is a person full of goodness and always in good faith. Logician of nature, he relies on his intelligence and sense of logic to solve his problems. Very objective and fierce, he is able to give himself thoroughly in what he undertakes. Right and honest, he has an authoritarian behavior that he lacks towards others. He holds, in the highest degree, a deep sense of justice. Faithful and passionate, Évariste is ready for anything for his family. There is no middle ground with Évariste, either he likes or he does not like. Seductive end, he appears as a reassuring and charming man. By the way, he's a great protector. With a great finesse, he has a sharp intuition.

His lack of self-confidence may play tricks on him. Unsociable, he prefers that we come to him and never take the first step. Quite direct, so much to speak to him frankly and simply. Reserved and introverted, it is sometimes difficult to pin down and know him. In spite of the perpetual doubt that inhabits him, he is bubbling with a strong will and an uncompromising morality.



His party :

The Évaristes are honored on October 26th.

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