Name Romeo - Meaning of origin

Name Romeo - Meaning of origin

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The name Roméo comes from the medieval Latin romeowhich means "I am going to Rome". Synonymous with passionate and passionate love, Romeo is still quite rare. He tempts you?


This name owes its full fame to the tragedy of Shakespeare Romeo and Juliet.

A little reminder of the story ... In Rome, Roméo Montaigu and Juliette Capulet love each other with pure love, but their families hate each other! They marry in secret, but Romeo will be driven out of the city for a dark duel. Promised to another by her father, Juliette asks Brother Laurent to provide him with a potion to feign death for a few hours and escape the marriage. Romeo is not warned of the subterfuge in time and, mad with pain at the death of his beautiful is killed in turn. When she wakes up, Juliette realizes the drama ... and kills herself with Romeo's dagger.

Other famous Romeos include French actor Roméo Sarfati (Under the Sun), Italian footballer Romeo Benetti, American rapper Romeo (Percy Romeo Miller).

Saint Romeo was a religious who died on his way to the Holy Land in the 14th century.

His character :

Romeo is a real charmer ... Sociable, he is also full of humor and can easily get what he wants. It enjoys a capacity of adaptation often very large. Energetic and courageous, he can sometimes be impatient.


Romeo, Romeo.

His party :

February 25th.

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