Name Melissane - Meaning and origin

Name Melissane - Meaning and origin

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Origin of first name:

French, Greeks, Originals, Rare

Meaning of the name:

Derived from the name Melle, itself from the Latin "mel", the name Melissane means "honey". According to the Greek lexicon, this name refers to the bee.


There is no Melissane famous until now. On the other hand, many personalities are named Melissa, variant of this first name. Melissa Panarello, an Italian writer, and Melissa Ann McCarthy, American actress, producer and screenwriter, are among others.

The Melissanes are celebrated the same day as Sainte Melle. The latter chooses to devote her life to God after the death of her husband. She lived in a monastery and died there in the late eighth century. Each of the two children of Sainte Melle was canonized. These are Saint Cannech and Saint Tigernach.

His character :

The Melissane are often small and elegant women who bring joy of life and serenity where they are. Simple, pleasant and natural, they are respected by their peers. Dreamy and idealistic, the Melissanes wish to remake the world. A bit capricious, they are guided by their frequent mood changes. However, when it comes to service, the Melissane can easily forget to please their entourage. Women very patient, convincing, sagacious, voluntary and understanding, Melissane will make excellent teachers and often participate in various charitable missions.


Melis, Melisandre, Melisa, Melisande, Malissa, Melisenda, Melisende, Melissande, Melisianne, Melissa, Melissandre, Melita, Melissa, Melissia, Melyna, Mélynda, Mélyssa, Mélyne, Melyssandre and Mélissanne.

His party :

The Melissanes celebrate on March 9th.

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