Name Léonora - Meaning and origin

Name Léonora - Meaning and origin

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Origin of first name:

Greeks, Latins

Meaning of the name:

Diminutive of Eleonore, the name Leonora comes from the Greek terms "el" and "enor" which mean "wealth" and "honor".
From its Latin origin "lenire", the name Leonora translates as "calm or soften a suffering".


Léonora Christina Ulfeld, daughter of King Christian IV, was a Danish writer of the 17th century.
Léonora Carrington is a famous Mexican painter and novelist.
Saint Eleanor of Provence is a pious and an artist. Arrived in Europe in the twelfth century, it clumsily raised the people against the Crown. She entered religion and died in 1292 as a simple Benedictine.

His character :

Leonora is a woman who is difficult to understand because of her changing mood. Very susceptible, she is of a versatile character. However, it overflows with tenderness and affection. Léonora is also hardworking and extremely rigorous. Very determined, she is totally devoted to her principles and projects. This determination gives her a strong confidence in herself, pushing her on the road to success. Right and fair, his behavior obeys strict rules. She is also very attached to family values ​​and respects traditions. On the other hand, she is of a rather pessimistic nature and thus deprives herself of any sentimental relationship. Rather intuitive, she hates going into the unknown. Hard to influence, she has her feet on the ground.


Leonore, Leonor, Eleonore and Eleonora.

His party :

People with the name Léonora are in the honors on June 25.

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